My name is Franz. I make things and help people, communities & companies tell their stories with my camera, ideas, designs, code and words.

The Photographer

Commissioned by international brands, athletes and editorial clients I'm not all too concerned with the need to define whether I'm shooting outdoor sports, lifestyle, landscape, documentary or portraits.

To me photography is a fully immersed process. Everything and nothing that surrounds me somehow takes part, depending on what I want to achieve. It starts and stops with character and communication, and many incremental decisions in between.

Over recent years, this attitude has certainly paid off. The authenticity of my work plays an important role; always contextual, associative, and often poetic. It has taken me to the most unique places around the world.

Adventure is a state of mind.

The Studio

For ten years I have been running my own one-man studio. Collaborating with athletes, companies and non-profit organizations on digital design, coding, art direction, and ideation projects. I work embedded in a network of sport, culture, technology, and design that is as individual as it is beautifully intertwined.

My work has won awards and press, but the greatest reward is producing work that cuts through noise to enhance and clarify ideas, stories, and brands worthy of attention. As an entrepreneur I aim to craft a calm business. Above all I consider myself very lucky to call a lot of my clients friends.

The Storyteller

In my work as a freelance visual storyteller I combine a wide spectrum of creative fields. In recent projects I have worked as director, cameraman, and editor. I engage with the full circle of an idea: from concept and production, to post-production and distribution. I thrive on rich collaborations to push my thinking and doing. A continuous state of reinvention is as essential to my work as the drive, inspiration & influence of my partners in the process.

The Speaker

Over the last few years I have spoken at a number of events and in-house workshops on subjects ranging from storytelling for brands and athletes, to digital design and adventure filmmaking. I have run outdoor photography workshops and one-to-one athlete coaching. I have also been an academic guest lecturer on digital design.

The Wanderer

All this vartiety is fundamental to my process. For me ideas are paths to people. The road to success the middle ground that joins resonance and reach. My canvas is nature, paper, and code.

Things are made to fill voids and I often fill these holes with poetry. I need the rough landscapes and the weightless skies, the solitude and the shared moments.

I currently live and work with my family in the northern foothills of the Alps in Germany.