Franz Walter

Franz Walter is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker, and designer from the northern foothills of the European Alps in Germany.

He focuses on his personal body of work and commissions ranging from educational to sports, from nature to portrait related projects. His visuals and narratives bear the stamp of a surreal poetic beauty, subtle art direction and carefully framed compositions.

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Tage draußen!
42min documentary in collaboration with the Austrian Alpine Club.

The Studio

Studio Franz Walter was founded in 2008, focussing on multi-channel storytelling projects and beyond. Franz does not keep a full-time staff. Instead, he uses what he joyfully calls the “madebynomads Model”.

The madebynomads Model

When filmmakers make films, they pick the people who best embody each role. Similarly, madebynomads chooses the best person for each for work ahead. Yes, some projects need true specialists, an experienced team with a wide range of skills.

We believe in these creative collaborations and meaningful partnerships. Since 2014, together with his fellow nomads we have been forming this creative collective, a network of sport, culture, technology, design that is as individual as it is beautifully intertwined. Say hi!